About Us

This is a free online medical journal meant for doctors of modern modern medicine registered with Medical Council of India. It is an initiative of IMA Cochin branch with an aim to improve the practice of modern medicine by providing a common platform for all doctors to share their day-to-day clinical experiences. A one-time registration is required prior to publishing. The fast interface allows doctors to instantly publish and share their work, without the long delays that are the norm for conventional medical journals. It will help accumulate a wealth of useful clinical information generated by individual doctors in their daily practice.

What can be published?

Any clinical information that will be helpful for other doctors and patients can be published here.
  1. Case reports
  2. Adverse reactions
  3. Treatment outcomes
  4. Complications
  5. How a diagnosis was made
  6. Disease outbreaks
  7. Clinical observations
  8. Practice tips
  9. Communication tips
  10. Ethics matters