Transarterial radioembolization

Figure 1
TARE is considered as a palliative treatment for large HCC, especially in cases with PV tumour thrombus. After initial evaluation of the lung shunt fraction, the Yttrium90 embedded glass microspheres(beta emitting particles with mean tissue penetration length of 2.5mm -making it effective against PV tumour thrombus) are selectively injected into the feeding artery. This gentleman with bilobar HCC and PV tumour thrombus -BCLC stage C disease was down-staged to BCLC stage A post TARE. Repeat CECT showed complete resolution of the lesions and he can now be reconsidered for Liver transplantation.

TARE is an effective treatment modality in down staging the disease making hopes for Liver transplant reconsiderations in appropriately selected cases.

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