Power Spiral enteroscopy -Boon in Obscure GI bleed

Dr.Praveen kumar
Figure 1
70 yr old Female came with c/o loose stools with melena.No h/o DM/HTN/CAD.She had severe Pallor and her HR 102/min BP-110/70 mm hg .Systemic examination is normal.Investigations showed low hemoglobin of 3.6 g/dl .Prbc transfusion done . USG- No evidence of CLD. OGD showed Hiatus hernia/Grade B esophagitis. No varices and Colonoscopy showed altered blood seen throughout colon and ileum. Pt underwent total enteroscopy using the newly developed Motorised Spiral enteroscopy(Olympus) which showed Angiodysplasia in jejunum and ileum.Through enteroscopy APC of the lesion done.

Power spiral enteroscopy is a boon in evaluating obscure GI bleed with easy learning curve and can be used for therapeutic options also.

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