Tag: Neurology

Some Headaches can tighten the noose !!

Dr.Suraj (Diabetes, Medicine, )

A 28 year old married IT professional presented with intermittent rt sided headaches since one year , noted especially after her varicalla pox attack one year back , taking treatments for vascular headaches on analgesics and gabapentin. Considering her peculiar headache with same distribution along the trigeminal nerve distribution, we evaluated on lines of TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA. MRI Brain surprised us with a VASCULAR LOOP around the Trigeminal nerve at the CP ANGLE ! The family was explained of possibility of worsening in the case of an aneurysm in future ! Managed conservatively on follow up

Thyrotoxicosis presents as periodic paralysis

Dr.Shyma (Neurology, )

38 yr old male presented with weakness of both lower limbs of one day duration. No bladder or bowel symptoms, sensory symptoms. Neurological examination showed lower limb power of three out of five bilaterally and hypotonia of Lower limbs. Reflexes were normal, plantar flexor and no sensory level. MRI spine -normal. Nerve conduction study-Normal. Lab evaluation showed thyrotoxicosis with hypokalemia. Patient improved dramatically with treatment of the cause .