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Advances in sepsis: Lecture summary Dr Abby Cyriac

Dr.Rajeev (Gastroenterology, General Practice / Family Medicine, )

The concept of sepsis has changed considerably over the years. Newer methods of diagnosis and prognostic markers are discussed in this lecture by Dr Abby Cyriac focusing on sepsis especially in the cirrhotic patient. Click on images for highlights. This is part of Cochin IMA’s lecture summary series that will help other doctors enjoy the content of CME programs.

Conference Summary: National Pulmonology conference NAPCON

Dr.Rajeev (Gastroenterology, General Practice / Family Medicine, )

As part of Cochin IMA’s academic initiative, the summary of medical conferences will be published on JCP-IMA. As the abstract exceeds 600 characters, it is being published as an image. This abstract is from NAPCON 2019, the recently concluded National Pulmonology Conference Cochin. Click on images to view the summary.

Hyponatremia - keep endocrine causes in mind during evaluation

Dr.Mini (Endocrinology, )

A 60 year old male presented with the third episode of symptomatic hyponatremia within a span of 10 months. Prior to the first episode , he had been on hydrochlorothiazide - losartan combination for hypertension and this was subsequently changed to Telmisartan-Cilnidipin combination. TSH was 1.09. During the current episode, TSH was 1.48 and T4 was 4.03(low) suggestive of secondary hypothyroidism. An MR imaging showed a pituitary macroadenoma with suprasellar and bilateral parasellar extension.

another reason to stay away from mosquitos in Cochin

Dr.Jobi (Laparoscopy, )

a 45 yr old lady presented with a 2 cm subcutaneous inflammatory swelling over manubruim sterni of 3 weeks .It responded to antibiotic therapy , but the swelling persisted with itching. She is diabetic and gives a H/O carcinoma right breast treated 10 yrs back. since the swelling persisted , she underwent an excision biopsy which revealed Dirofilaria worm in subcutaneous fat nodule. Dirofilaria is a vector-borne parasitic disease of dogs and cats and is transmitted by mosquitoes. human are accidental hosts and can present with subcutaneous nodules or occualr filariasis

Thrombocytopenia-simple causes

Dr.Shyamala (Medicine, )

4o year old referred with isolated TCP. History of epistaxis 1 month back-no active treatment. Recurrence of epistaxis and menorrhagia since few days.Investigations revealed platelet count of 30000 with normal rbc and wbc count.ana mildly positive, anti-aiv _ve.referral for sle. On thorough perusal, MCV-110,MPV high.patient vegetarian. Vit.b12 low normal.treated with Vit.b12 and folic acid and marked response noted in 7 day"s time.

Content validity of a Fetal Radiology Assessment and Diagnostic Score-India (FetRADS- India) for early identification of at-risk pregnant women

Dr.Praveen (Public Health, )

Non-invasive radiology imaging techniques can be used to identify pregnant women at risk for adverse fetal and maternal events. The FetRADS-India categories have been developed, using content validation, for the risk stratification of pregnancy to help initiate appropriate early management for high risk pregnant women including referral to advanced care or tertiary care units.  The FetRADS-India score has six levels with increasing scores for higher risk of adverse fetal events and subset scores based on fetal structure, growth and environment. Read at: http://bit.ly/FetRADS-India

Preventive measures for Ca Cervix: summary of CME 13.12.19

Dr.Rajeev (Gastroenterology, General Practice / Family Medicine, )

As part of Cochin IMA’s academic initiative, the summary of medical conferences will be published on JCP-IMA. As the abstract exceeds 600 characters, it is being published as an image. This abstract is from CA Cervix prevention CME by Amrita Medical College on 13.12.19. A version for the general public also is published on IMAlive. Click on images to view the summary.

The use of Ranitidine: a practice update

Dr.Prakash (Gastroenterology, General Practice / Family Medicine, )

Ranitidine is a drug used by millions of patients worldwide. Costing less than a rupee, it was an economical and effective choice. Lately it has come under scrutiny, prompting questions from several practising doctors. This document provides the present status. As it exceeds 600 characters, it is being uploaded as an image. Click the image to view document.

Painful swallowing in a woman with acne

Dr.Rajeev (Gastroenterology, General Practice / Family Medicine, )

A 27 year-old woman with acne came with painful swallowing of ten days duration, not responding to Ranitidine prescribed by her GP. The pain was located in the mid chest. She denied medication intake. Upper GI endoscopy revealed a tiny 3 mm ulcer in the mid Esophagus. It was difficult to detect, and required careful examination. On later questioning the patient recalled taking Doxycycline recently for acne after consulting a dermatologist.

Mucocele Appendix

Dr.Prasad (Upper Gastrointestinal & Hepatobiliary, Gastrointestinal, )

59year male patient presented with recurrent abdominal pain right lower abdomen.CECT abdomen suggestive of mucocele of appendix.Laparoscopic assisted Rt hemicolectomy performed.Biopsy suggestive of low grade mucinous neoplasm.