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RT-PCR negative COVID19,A Cochin Experience

Dr.Fathahudeen (Pulmonary, )

In our experience at Government Medical College Ernakulam, we have come across patients with typical radiological features of COVID-19 but the RTPCR is negative. They have classical CT chest findings, clinical features and viral blood picture. Therefore, just as we make a diagnosis of Smear negative pulmonary Tuberculosis, we should be aware of the entity RTPCR negative COVID-19. RTPCR could be negative due to many reasons. If we fail to acknowledge this entity, we might miss the diagnosis on several cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection. Prof. A. Fathahudeen, Head of Pulmonology, GMC Ernakulam

Post Corona Recovery Syndrome

Dr.Fathahudeen (Pulmonary, )

The following protracted symptoms were observed in COVID19 patients after their RTPCR test became negative and after their so-called test-recovery. Anosmia, abdominal symptoms including diarrhoea for a couple of weeks, chronic fatigue and anxiety were reported. The recovery period, viral clearance and the time taken to convert to negative varied from person to person, averaging between 2 weeks to 50 days. It is proposed that all these symptoms constitute the post Corona recovery syndrome. Prof.A. Fathahudeen, Head of Pulmonology, GMC Ernakulam

Conference Summary: National Pulmonology conference NAPCON

Dr.Rajeev (Gastroenterology, General Practice / Family Medicine, )

As part of Cochin IMA’s academic initiative, the summary of medical conferences will be published on JCP-IMA. As the abstract exceeds 600 characters, it is being published as an image. This abstract is from NAPCON 2019, the recently concluded National Pulmonology Conference Cochin. Click on images to view the summary.