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Acute painful shoulder is not Septic Arthritis always

Dr.Prathap Kumar (Orthopaedic, )

60 year old male presented with acute painful shoulder overnight. No constitutional symptoms, no history of injury. His range of movements were restricted and Supraspinatus was Grade 4 Power due to pain inhibition. Infection screen revealed mild increase in CRP and ESR. X Ray showed Calcific mass at the Subacromial space and confirmed Supraspinatus tendonitis with Ultrasonography. This is acute calcific tendonitis. Usually occurs in middle aged women. Subacromial steroid injection will relieve pain immediately. The Calcium deposited in the tendon, triggers inflammatory reaction causing pain.

Sclerosing Sterno-clavicular joint Arthritis

Dr.Prathap Kumar (Orthopaedic, )

52 year old homemaker lady noticed a diffuse swelling around the medial end of her right clavicle eight months ago. Largely asymptomatic and noticed by chance looking at the mirror. Investigations Including CT and MRI Scans done elsewhere normal and worried about the persistence of the swelling. This anxious patient was referred to me at this stage to rule out any sinister causes. An infection screen and an arthritis profile were done and we’re normal. This is Sclerosing Sterno-clavicular joint Arthritis which is seen very infrequently in India. More common in Western peri-menopausal women