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Fatty Liver disease can occur in lean people!

Dr.Harikumar (Hepatology, )

29 yr asymptomatic man, teetotaler was referred for abnormal LFT with mild elevation of SGOT- 47, SGPT- 60) and raised GGT of 98. Bilirubin normal, AG ratio was 1.3. Platelet 3.4 lakhs. HCV, HBV, Wilson’s, AIH, PBC ruled out. Ferritin normal. USG gr 2 fatty liver. Build was lean, normal BMI of 24. Family history of metabolic syndrome. His father, a lean non EOH user with HTn & DLP underwent liver transplant 9 yr ago. The patient and father have non alcoholic fatty liver disease. Final diagnosis of “lean NAFLD” without clinically relevant fibroprogression made.