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A case of accidentally induced iatrogenic cushingoid features

Dr.NEENA (Paediatric, )

Received a consultation request from ophthalmology for a 1yr old infant admitted for cataract surgery for evaluation of cushingoid features. On examination child had typical moon facies and cushing like appearance. On asking about any drug use, parent said she is on multivitamin drops. As the parents were illiterate, I insisted on showing the drops. And, surprisingly, it was betnesol drops. Child was prescribed 2 types of drops 6 months ago for respiratory infection. One was betnesol and other multivitamins and asked to stop betnesol and continue multivitamins. But reverse happened.


Dr.Abey (Paediatric, )

4 year old boy of parents from infopark was brought to OPD with complaints of pain during passing urine since one month. No history of fever or other complaints. Local examination of genitals are normal. Urine routine and Urine culture were normal .Child was advised plenty of oral fluids. A course of paracetamol and antibiotics was prescribed but no relief. Since mother noticed recent abnormal behavior of the child a camera was installed inside the house. Video from the camera showing the maid sexually abusing the boy while parents were away at work clinched the diagnosis. (Police alerted)