Name: Dr.Mini Pillai

Hospital: Lakshmi Hospital

Specialties: Endocrinology


Summary of Cochin IMA Monthly CME by CENDOS@IMA House, Kochi 29/01/2020


As part of IMA Kochi's academic initiative, a summary of the monthly CME of Cochin IMA conducted at IMA House, Kochi on 29/01/2020 is being published. This CME was done by the Central Kerala Endocrine Society and covered 3 endocrine topics of great relevance to every day clinical practice. Please click on the image to view the summary.

Hyponatremia - keep endocrine causes in mind during evaluation


A 60 year old male presented with the third episode of symptomatic hyponatremia within a span of 10 months. Prior to the first episode , he had been on hydrochlorothiazide - losartan combination for hypertension and this was subsequently changed to Telmisartan-Cilnidipin combination. TSH was 1.09. During the current episode, TSH was 1.48 and T4 was 4.03(low) suggestive of secondary hypothyroidism. An MR imaging showed a pituitary macroadenoma with suprasellar and bilateral parasellar extension.