Name: Dr.Fathahudeen A

Hospital: GMC Ernakulam

Specialties: Pulmonary


RT-PCR negative COVID19,A Cochin Experience


In our experience at Government Medical College Ernakulam, we have come across patients with typical radiological features of COVID-19 but the RTPCR is negative. They have classical CT chest findings, clinical features and viral blood picture. Therefore, just as we make a diagnosis of Smear negative pulmonary Tuberculosis, we should be aware of the entity RTPCR negative COVID-19. RTPCR could be negative due to many reasons. If we fail to acknowledge this entity, we might miss the diagnosis on several cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection. Prof. A. Fathahudeen, Head of Pulmonology, GMC Ernakulam

Post Corona Recovery Syndrome


The following protracted symptoms were observed in COVID19 patients after their RTPCR test became negative and after their so-called test-recovery. Anosmia, abdominal symptoms including diarrhoea for a couple of weeks, chronic fatigue and anxiety were reported. The recovery period, viral clearance and the time taken to convert to negative varied from person to person, averaging between 2 weeks to 50 days. It is proposed that all these symptoms constitute the post Corona recovery syndrome. Prof.A. Fathahudeen, Head of Pulmonology, GMC Ernakulam