Name: Dr.Anuradha Kakkanatt Babu

Hospital: Aster Medcity

Specialties: Dermatology


Look , there is a tick !


A 60 year old man presented with a painful brownish raised skin lesion near the right eye of 5 days duration. On examination there was a tender shiny brownish papule near the medial canthus of right eye(Image 1). On closer examination a 'movement ' of the lesion was appreciated and it was found to be an insect(tick) that was holding on to the skin. It was removed using a fine curved forceps( Image 2). Ticks are blood sucking ectoparasites which may transmit various diseases. It may remain unnoticed on human skin until it becomes painful. This case is being presented to hightlight the importance of careful examination which may point towards the diagnosis.